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Always Evolving.

GSSC technologies are not only extremely easy and efficient to integrate into almost any project, but also provide a highly secure multi-layered solution that has stood the test of time. We are highly specialized experts at advanced covert steganography, and we never stop developing. We believe in perfection.


In most cases, when agencies investigate counterfeits, most difficult to integrate features are usually still reproduced and yet our seamlessly integrated hidden technologies are left uncompromised by the counterfeiters.


Sole Source Status
U.S. Dept of State

"Only one source is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required" for the U.S. Dept of State

"GSSC is uniquely qualified to provide services to Department of State's Passport Services Office" 

SI® Steganography

USA Passport Card

Decoder App


GSSC has been selected as a sole source provider by the U.S. Department of State, to supply steganographic technologies and software for the U.S. Passport card.

Any changes to the card are easily detectable on the app developed specifically for the U.S. Passport card. This app makes it easier and faster for authorized users to verify card integrity.

Gssc Passcard App


Mag-1-1024x712 (1).jpg

Our VI Photo and DataScreen technologies work perfectly on any ID card or passport to add an unbeatable level of anti-tamper security. Any alteration to the visible data or image can be instantly cross checked and falsified.

Vital Documents


Our variety of security technologies can be added to any vital document to add a covert layer of security.  Encoding variable document information adds a foolproof anti-tamper layer of security wherever necessary.

Label Printing


For Quality assurance testers to verify product validity, item verification is necessary. We solve this by encoding data into a design, and providing a smartphone application that can instantly authenticate our technology.



Counterfeit currency has the potential to cripple a nation's economy; by adding additional forms of security in the form of GSSC technologies, the designs gain both incredibly effective security, and easy to use validation.

Custom Tailored Solutions

All security features and app functionality are completely personalized.

By using Industry leading Requirements Engineering techniques, every project is tailored to its users.


StealthSI App

USA Passport Card App

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