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Our advanced technologies enable seamless encoding of data into any stamp design without altering its original visual appearance. Central to this innovation is the process of embedding data within the design itself, ensuring no discernible modifications to the stamp's original aesthetics.


Our stamp decoder app is a state-of-the-art smartphone solution that allows GSSC’s security features to be scanned and decoded with “Live User Engagement” while also providing an instant pass/fail result of the integrity of the stamp.
•    Steganographic invisible layer: An advanced layer that is extremely difficult to scan, copy, or replicate.
•    Seamless integration: Utilizes standard varnish inks and print processes, making it a cost-effective solution.
•    Invisible to the naked eye: Leaves no visible trace or impact on the design artwork.
•    Convenient smartphone verification: Users can easily verify the authenticity using a smartphone with a live decoder.
•    Independent verification results: Verification results do not rely on network or database connections.

GSSC Stamp Decoder app


Our stamp solutions offer cost-effective authentication by deploying our technology in diverse configurations. This strengthens stamp designs against counterfeits with no visual alterations, ensuring the original design's integrity. Tested across printing methods, it can be decoded via lenses or smartphones.

•    Incorporates an exceptionally secure invisible layer that is highly challenging to scan, copy, or duplicate.
•    Seamlessly integrates into the printing process using standard varnish inks, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.
•    Leaves no visible traces or impact on the design artwork, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the printed material.
•    Allows easy verification through a smartphone using a live decoder, facilitating user engagement, and enhancing accessibility.
•    Verification results are obtained without relying on network or database connections, ensuring consistent and reliable authentication.

GSSC Stamp decoder gif
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