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GSSC possesses a wealth of expertise in the field of precious metal protection, demonstrated by a distinguished track record spanning multiple years. Our steadfast commitment enables us to proficiently secure a diverse range of precious metals, including gold and silver bullion. Our relentless pursuit of pioneering unique anti-counterfeiting methods ensures our continual advantage over counterfeit threats. This commitment to security not only upholds the sanctity of minting systems but also fosters public confidence. Through collaborative efforts and innovative drive, we take pride in offering comprehensive global security solutions for these precious metal assets.


Customized steganographic covert image and/or text embedded directly into precious metals.
•    Embedded feature prevents all forms of counterfeiting and replication. 
•    Compatible with most minting processes, allowing for individual product validation. 
•    Easily verified optically and digitally using proprietary decoder lenses and/or smartphone app.

mintmark SI example

Simple process secures mints while preserving design integrity.
•    Minting process remains standard with seamless integration.
•    Compatible with product and item serialization.
•    Customizable to work with various designs and minting specifications.

Sunshine minting infographic

Read about how GSSC has helped secure minting through SMI 

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