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At GSSC, we recognize the pervasive challenges posed by counterfeiters and competitors seeking to compromise security measures.


By patenting our high-security inventions, we establish an exclusive market presence, preventing unauthorized replication of our technology, our commitment to patenting ensures that our customers receive superior protection. We take pride in offering our customers peace of mind, knowing they utilize genuine and authorized security solutions crafted by our innovative minds.

Trust in our patented security solutions to safeguard your assets, as we continue to innovate and enhance your protection.

App Development

Our security technologies are all developed with the express purpose of making the encoding and decoding process as efficient as possible. We provide cutting-edge covert and overt security features, all easily decoded with one of our many specialized smartphone applications.

Design Protection

Our diverse design protection methods offer exceptional security for any brand or document they are applied to. Whether it's a simple document or a full-color stamp, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive protection.

Stealth SI sample
Stealth SI decode

Smartphone Applications

We produce a unique smartphone application, not only for each solution, but we also create an app for each project that includes a way to decode every security feature used by that organization.

  • Network-independent smartphone authentication with GPS

ID Card phone decode

Multiple Features

We seamlessly integrate extra layers of security into your design through our variety of proprietary technologies. Our sophisticated process effectively combines various features, significantly raising the level of difficulty for unauthorized reproduction, ensuring the integrity of your property, and making data manipulation unattainable.

ID Card Datamark


This highly copy-resistant technology solution is easily verified using the BrandMark® smartphone app, allowing untrained users to instantly check for product authenticity. Unique to the BrandMark® solution, we utilize sophisticated algorithms that allow for active app recalibration from attempted counterfeit attacks. This keeps the integrity of the security intact and always ahead of the counterfeiter.

Brandmark Callout
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