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With a rich history spanning four decades, GSSC has established itself as a prominent player in document security. Our expertise extends to safeguarding a wide array of vital documents, including visas, passports, driver licenses, tax stamps, postage stamps, banknotes, precious metals, lottery tickets, and other essential records. Adapting to the evolving landscape, we persistently innovate, crafting novel anti-counterfeiting technologies to fulfill the dynamic demands of our clientele.


Stealth SI®

One of our most innovative technologies, Stealth SI®, embeds hidden data into the existing varnish layer (a protective shield for inks), eliminating the need for additional materials or costs during printing. This technology can be seamlessly encoded into an artwork design without sacrificing the integrity of the original document.

•    Security feature with unique covert data embedded invisibly inside of a design.
•    Recreation & information tampering protection.
•    Compatible with most personalization equipment, including laser engraving.
•    Authenticated using SI® smartphone app or SI® digital decoding software.  

Certificate of Birth Stealth sample

Variable SIS feature with embedded covert data matching human-readable data.
•    Data altering and information tampering protection.
•    Compatible with most digital printing, including laser engraving.
•    Optically and digitally decodable using SI® smartphone app or SI® digital decoding software.  

GSSC Birth Certificate Example
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