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GSSC is a leading provider of advanced security solutions. We specialize in providing security features for ID cards, travel documents, stamps, holograms, and a wide variety of vital documents and industries. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in steganographic security integration, making sure each of our products is secure and tailored to the client's unique needs. We understand the importance of keeping your products and information safe and secure, and that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that every client receives a solution fit for them and of the highest quality.

Certificate of Birth Stealth sample.png

Real Decode

Vital Documents

Stealth SI

Stealth SI is our most covert technology; a method of printing information hidden entirely behind a design. This process involves absolutely no change to the integrity of the print.

ID Cards


Our VIPhoto technology can be used to discretely encode anything behind an image. We primarily use this technology to encode photos for passports or ID Cards, allowing for any tampering to be identified by simply checking the encoded data against the written data.

Example ID Face
Example ID decode

Real Encode

Currency Decode gif

Real Encode


Multi-Layer Security

Currency protection is a prime example of a situation where many solutions in combination can be used to provide complete protection to the design. 


Four Color SI

Our four-color technology allows for stamps to be encoded with no visible alteration to the original design.

Stamp Decode Gif
Brandmark Infographic

Brand Protection


Brandmark, our most widely used solution, is a simple icon added to a label, scannable by our phone app. Including this technology allows for instant verification of authenticity for customers.


Hologram SI

For increased security, a covert encoded image is integrated into the holographic design. This provides easy smartphone verification with an interactive user experience.



Our solutions offer incredible flexibility, allowing for easy customization and fine-tuning to fit any project's requirements. Every feature is multi-functional and can be applied towards various solutions within multiple industries. 

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