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The menace of counterfeit currency poses a significant threat to a nation's economy. Integrating GSSC’s steganographic features augments security measures and provides designs with both exceptional effectiveness and user-friendly validation. Our ongoing efforts to advance anti-counterfeiting approaches are geared towards preempting such threats. Our unwavering dedication to safeguarding currency integrity bolsters financial systems and nurtures public confidence. Through diligent innovation and concerted efforts, we offer all-encompassing security solutions for currencies on a global scale.


Unique covert data embedded into design for added security.
•    Design modification & tampering protection.
•    Compatible with most printing equipment, including laser engraving.
•    Optically and digitally decodable using smartphone, magnifier, or document readers.  

Currency DataMark Example
4 Color Security Encoding

Variable feature embeds covert data into design aspects such as seals or other elements.
•    Enables encoding of data within design elements, decipherable through optical lenses, scanners, or our dedicated smartphone app.
•    Facilitates encoding of multiple images within a single location, enabling unparalleled advanced security.
•    Compatible with most printing processes and equipment.

Currency Decode gif

Actual Decoded Sample

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