BrandMark® is an easy to use and secure solution that allows the end-user to scan the SI® encoding using their smartphone device (iOS and Android) and receive instant pass/fail results. The verification result can be obtained remotely without a network connection. 


The SI® technology can either be printed directly on packaging and/or applied onto products via a tamper-evident security label. This solution can also be combined with a 2D barcode where the app can scan the SI® and QR code simultaneously and provide the user with confirmation of product authenticity and unique (serialized) product information.


SkyWatch™ is a secure backend database developed by Graphic Security Systems Corporation (GSSC) that collects

scanned data in real-time using GSSC’s BrandMark® and DataMark™ smartphone applications.


With SkyWatch™ you can track and monitor counterfeiting activity and locate the criminals.