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Billions of brand packaging has been secured with GSSC’s Security Indicia technology. Our experience spans multiple industries, such as Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Automotive, Cosmetics and FMCG’s. Our extensive knowledge of encoding and decoding led us to being one of the first companies to offer digital authentication, which has now morphed into our smartphone applications. Our digital decoding capabilities are fully customizable and highly sophisticated and yet easy to use. Data collection for analysis and reporting are also available through GSSC’s web-based backend system.


BrandMark® is a state-of-the-art smartphone solution that allows end-users to scan GSSC’s security technology and

receive instant pass/fail results without a network connection.


This solution can be enhanced with serialization and provide the user with instant verification, unique product info and

tracking in an easy-to-use one-step process.

Secure smartphone-based feature for easy authentication and anti-diversion analysis.

  • Easy consumer-based counterfeit detection

  • Anti-copy customizable icon also identifies product and territory

  • Network-independent smartphone authentication with GPS

  • Serialization and barcode reading capability


GSSC’s patented SI® technology can be printed directly on packaging or applied using a tamper-evident security label.


Shown above is an example of our BrandMark® technology printed onto a cosmetics product. Consumers can download

the app, scan the security icon, and receive immediate product verification.  

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