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GSSC's Security Indicia technology has safeguarded billions of packages across diverse industries, including Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Automotive, Cosmetics, FMCG's, and more. As pioneers in steganography, we were among the first to provide digital authentication, now evolved into our cutting-edge smartphone applications. Our highly sophisticated yet user-friendly digital decoding capabilities are fully customizable. Additionally, GSSC offers data collection for analysis and reporting through our web-based backend system.


BrandMark® is a state-of-the-art smartphone solution that allows GSSC’s security technology to be scanned and decoded, at the same time providing an instant pass/fail result of the integrity of the package - even without a network connection.


This solution can be enhanced with serialization and provide the user with instant verification, unique product info and

tracking in an easy-to-use one-step process.

Secure smartphone-based feature for easy authentication and anti-diversion analysis.

  • Easy consumer-based counterfeit detection

  • Anti-copy customizable icon also identifies product and territory

  • Network-independent smartphone authentication with GPS

  • Serialization and barcode reading capability

GSSC Brandmark Tube


Highly secure and covert security feature allows hidden information to be encoded without any design alteration or limitation.
•    Completely hidden in the background of a design.
•    Network-independent smartphone authentication with GPS.
•    Easily modifiable and completely modular, can be layered with other multiple features.

GSSC Varnish
GSSC Varnish Decode


Secure, anti-copy, anti-tamper technology,  
•    Fast and efficient decoding experience using a smartphone.
•    Anti-copy encoding adds both security and irrefutable verification to a hologram.
•    Modular and customizable. 

GSSC Hologram

Real Scanned Sample

GSSC Hologram Example


Provide Artwork 

We can work with any format print-ready graphic design file including vector. *Our tech is pre-rasterized.

We Apply Covert Layer

Using either invisible varnish inks or existing colors, we apply our hidden security layer to your design.

You Print as Normal

No extra steps needed, just continue standard QC practices for the technology to function effectively.

Secure UPC



GSSC Stock Box Example
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