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Always Evolving.

GSSC technologies offer seamless integration into diverse projects, providing a time-proven, highly secure multi-layered solution. As specialized experts in advanced covert steganography, we constantly innovate and pursue perfection.


Despite countless attempts by counterfeiters, our hidden technologies remain uncompromised, setting a benchmark for security and effectiveness in the industry.


Sole Source Status
U.S. Dept of State

"Only one source is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required" for the U.S. Dept of State

"GSSC is uniquely qualified to provide services to Department of State's Passport Services Office" 

SI® Steganography

USA Passport Card

Decoder App


GSSC has been selected as a sole source provider by the U.S. Department of State, to supply steganographic technologies and software for the U.S. Passport card.

Any changes to the card are easily detectable on the app developed specifically for the U.S. Passport card. This app makes it easier and faster for authorized users to verify card integrity.

Gssc Passcard App
ID Card decoder app

Our personalization technologies work perfectly on any ID card or passport to add a layer of anti-tamper security. 

Brand protection mockup

Our security features can be seamlessly integrated into various packaging substrates to allow for easy product verification. 

Document Decoder

Our security technologies can be added to any vital document to provide a covert layer of security.

Currency decoder gif

Our sophisticated encoding algorithms provide currency with a layer of copy-resistant security, that can be easily verified through our proprietary smartphone applications.

Custom Tailored Solutions

We create distinctive app design and functionality tailored precisely to match your project requirements.


Our fully personalized applications are designed to decode and validate any number of solutions, precisely catering to your specific project needs.

Stealth SI decoder app

StealthSI App

USA Passport card decoder app

USA Passport Card App

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