GSSC is an anti-counterfeiting technology company that provides state-of-the-art document security and brand protection solutions. GSSC specializes in developing custom tailored solutions that seamlessly fit into your existing design and security infrastructure.

Advanced optical decoding, as well as easy on-the-spot smartphone authentication, are some of the reasons that GSSC features are used on billions of brand products and documents worldwide. GSSC has provided patented security technology to government authorized security printing firms and major corporations for over 40 years.

Alfred V. Alasia, our founder and inventor patented the Scrambled Indicia® process in the mid 70’s and pioneered the commercialization of this technology for document security and product authentication. Since then, GSSC’s extensive research activities have resulted in many new products and patents which have only strengthened the company’s long established position as an industry leader in the security printing field.