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GSSC has been a leader in the industry for providing innovative security printing solutions. We offer multiple decoding solutions, both physically and digitally, as well as a variety of different security features to ensure the highest level of security for our customers. Discover all of our recent projects and find out why GSSC is the steganographic encoding provider for you.


Our most advanced project yet. Data can be encoded into anything and is invisible to the naked eye. This technology can be placed into the background of any document or label to add a level of security that is near impossible to match.


IDs are easily encoded, streamlining the printing process and not wasting time. Every photo is customized to match data on the document, ensuring that no photo can ever be used by counterfeiters.



With our patented DataScreen technology, we can easily add an extra layer of security to your design. The nature of our process makes it so that even if a design is copied, data cannot be manipulated.

Mag-1-1024x712 (1).jpg


Brandmark can easily be decoded by our public brandmark app, allowing anybody with a phone to instantly check for product authenticity. Along with increasing the safety of your product, publicly including brandmark technology is proven to enhance marketability, by providing you intelligence, and giving customers a safer experience.

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