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GSSC Decoder App Mockup

GSSC’s history in document security is quite extensive and dates back over 40 years. In that time, we have protected numerous documents such as visas, passports, driver licenses, tax stamps, postage stamps, banknotes, coins, lottery tickets and various vital documents. With the constantly changing environment, we continue to develop new anti-counterfeiting technologies to meet the needs of our customers.


Variable ID feature with unique covert data embedded into photo at the time of personalization.

  • Photo substitution & information tampering protection.

  • Compatible with most personalization equipment, including laser engraving.

  • Optically and digitally decodable using smartphone app or document readers.  

GSSC Physical Decoder

Digital Smartphone Decoder

Optical Lens Decoder


Variable feature embeds covert microtext into images such as ghost ID photos and seals.

  • Data altering and information tampering protection.

  • Easily authenticated by viewing with standard magnification.

  • Compatible with most printing and personalization equipment.

GSSC Datascreen

Magnified Variable Microtext

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